Since I have been actively attending and holding dance classes for the past couple of years, I have realized some facts that would massively help you enjoying your course and pushing the learning process forward. I thought I´d share those “tips” with you, so here the come ..

– Be on time: we all have quite tight schedules nowadays, and it´s fairly understandable that we might have to come few minutes late every once in a while. Bear in mind that those first few minute are usually meant to get you “in the mood” both physically (warm up) and mentally (small talks or a little discussion). This will help a smooth transition from a busy day outside and prepare you for what´s coming.

– Avoid missing too many classes: holidays, family events, business trips are all great stuff of course, and in most cases are out of our hands. However, missing many lessons, especially at starting levels would definitely affect one´s progress, the learning curve in beginners classes can be quite steep as everything is new. This might not be the case when we advance in dancing as the basics are sort of figured out, but until then, try to attend all lessons.

– Stay positive: dancing is so much fun, and it really doesn´t need much, all what it takes is that same pair of feet we use for walking, and some willingness to learn new stuff. It might feel a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but that won´t take long, it´s a matter of weeks if you follow these tips :)
keep in mind that everyone has been a beginner one day, including your teachers.

– Practice, Practice, Practice: we are usually dealing with a good amount of new figures and tricks, frequent practicing on your own or with your partner will help you understanding the logic behind those moves, and strengthen your balance and musicality. At Salsa Vaasa, we have open doors for our students to come and practice every Friday.

-Party time: This is the heart and soul of every dancing community, unlike classes where you go to learn how to dance, at the party you actually do dance :) It´s where you meet and get to know all these nice people who share that same interest you have. It´s a great place to practice what you have learned yourself, and also learn from others. The party is that place where you realize why this stuff is so popular all around the world, just don´t miss it :)